Entering Moshing Area Is At Your Own Risk


Meine liebe Freundin Lotte ist eine hart rockende Wissenschaftlerin. Im wahrsten Wortsinn. Von ihrem (EU-finanzierten) USA-Aufenthalt in Indianapolis schreibt sie:

Nine Inch Nails Indianapolis.

Well, it was quite an upgrade. even though the americans give me a
hard time (that’s another chapter) in many ways, the concert itself
was a blast! peaches, bauhaus and nin seemed to get used to the fact
that they are being adored, no matter what.

The crowd was much different in terms of squeezing action. They did
warn me though (see attachment). The amphitheater was huge. You could
walk all the way back up to the lawn, where trend was more like a
small point jumping up and down. Trent mentioned that he has never had
a concert where the security was participating in the crowd. Well,
they didn’t do stage diving, but everything else. Trent was laughing
during the concert several times. I think he had actually fun! A
special feature were the fireworks in the background (today is
independence day). Super-Special-Über feature was peter murphy and
trent singing together „the final solution“ by pere ubu

Please check out trent together with bauhaus and tv on the radio:
01. Dreams (originally by TV On The Radio)
02. Final Solution (originally by Pere Ubu)
03. Bela Lugosi’s Dead (originally by Bauhaus)

So good!

Photos from Toronto:

I am quite happy to leave this frackin security-fanatic,
consume-driven country tomorrow again. But before, I am stopping by
quickly at the pharma store to get some cheap, legal drugs. Oh yeah,
and to walmart to get new Zipper-bags!

Will you fight the hand that feeds you…

Moshen in der Wikipedia.

Veröffentlicht von Andreas

Andreas Schepers leitet die Kommunikation des Berliner Labors des Deutschen Forschungszentrums für Künstliche Intelligenz, DFKI. Hier schreibt er privat über Dinge, die ihn interessieren: Astronauten, Pop, etc... und KI.

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